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Mega Power Manifolds MPM-447, LS2,3 Performance Intake Manifold


LS2/3 Rectangle port Performance Intake Manifold



Mega Power Manifold MPM- 447 Manifold Only

* This MPM- 447 Performance Intake manifold is for the Chevrolet 6.0/6.2ltr LS-2 & 3 rectangle port cylinder heads, and designed to fit under the bonnet of the VE-VF Holden! Maybe Camaro and many more mad vehicle builds,,

* Designed and hand fabricated in Australia with extensive testing to not only look awesome, make better torque and power from the hit to max rpm than the stock LS-2 Manifold, With gains of up to 40 nm of torque too 4,500rpm and up to 15 Horsepower from the hit up to redline,
This intake Manifold is not only a killer to look at it preforms awesome on the street with better throttle response and torque when cruising or when you want to put it on for the crew it will not only deliver it will look good doing it!

* MPM- 447 Can be used for boosted applications like Procharger, Turbo or Nitrous (Extreme boosted version with over boost burst panels for protection / also nitrous fitting service available @ extra cost) Check out our other listings for Manifold kits with our burst panels, Boosted Throttle body and nitrous set up’s ready If this is the direction your going!!

* MPM- 447 Performance Intake manifold is a tunnel ram design with a bonus of not having to cut a hole in your bonnet and attract attention unless you want too (on most vehicles) with an total height of 225mm from your standard valley plate This manifold gives you a brilliant torque and power curve that will impress you!
Also designed to miss your wiper ass and window tray and power steering reservoir with no modifications needed to the standard VE-VF Model And designed to be mafless and fit too a VCM cold air intake assembly or what ever you are using

*Items Included in this kit are

  • MPM- 447 Performance Intake manifold
  • All O/Rings and bolts req

Not in This kit

  • Air cleaner attachment,, ** For best results as tested USE a VCM OTR Maffless assembly!
  • 102mm DBW Throttle body
  • Aeroflow Hi flow injection rails
  • All braided lines and fittings with hardline fuel rail supply (VE-VF)
  • Maffless air temp sensor and plug
  • Manifold fitting for brake booster hose 1/2″ – 1/2″ x 90deg

*We have this all in our Complete assembly kit (check out our other items) It will work out cheaper and save you a headache you this way!
For best results tuning will be required!
(Results will vary Depending on cam, heads, exhaust etc)